RajCovidInfo Download Mobile App latest version 2021

RajCovidInfo Download Mobile App latest version 2021 RajCovidInfo Android Application free Download latest version of our Moodle app for Android can be obtained from the Google Play Store (recommended) mobile application क्वारेंटाइन का उल्लंघन पड़ेगा भारी, “राज कोविड इन्फो एप” प्रशासन को अलर्ट में करेगी सहयोग

RajCovidInfo Download Mobile App latest version 2021

In view of the increasing infection of corona virus in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address urged to download the ‘ Arogya Setu app ‘. This app is designed to control coronavirus and convey its information to normal people. This particular app will also help in finding out about corona positive people present around. Now, the “Raj Kovid Info app” was created to keep an eye on the people who have been quarantined in the region, which will alert the state government.

Raj Covid Info App has been developed by the Department of Information Technology and Communication for geo-fencing and trekking of the persons who have been quarantined due to Kovid-19. The app sends a report to the administration in case of violation of quarantine by the persons who have been quarantined using the GPS location technology of the mobile phone and also sends alerts to the person who has been quarantined.

As per the directions of the State Government, the quarantine persons are required to be sent by clicking salfi at regular intervals using the app. In case of not sending salfi, notifications are sent to the person concerned by the app on his phone.

The public can also use this app to find out the health of themselves and their family members and the symptoms of corona. The app has also introduced a feature to record test information from the patient or person’s rapid testing kit at the time of rapid testing by the health agent.

The app also provides information on important information such as positive cases, data of cured persons, critically ill persons, as well as press releases, labs, and undo able things. So far, this app has been downloaded to their phones by 48953 people.

This app can be downloaded by clicking on the http://rajcovidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in/mobileapp/index.html link.

Updated: October 31, — 3:30 pm

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